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Bulk Hundreds & Thousands Perfect for Seasonal and All Year-Round Projects

Bulk Hundreds & Thousands Perfect for Seasonal and All Year-Round Projects

Are you looking for some bright coloured, all natural Hundreds & Thousands Sprinkles?

Here at Cake Décor, we manufacture a huge variety of amazingly colourful Hundreds and thousands in standard colours and beautiful mixes. Whatever variation and volume you need, we can reliably supply all our nonpareils sprinkles in bulk.

Cake Décor is the largest UK based manufacturer of bulk cake sprinkles, all made from our BRC AA Accredited facility.

We offer a large assortment of sprinkles, that are simply perfect for any season; Whether it be for Halloween, Christmas, Easter or any all-year-round concepts, we have the solutions you need. We also produce finished sugar strands, sugar shapes, pearls, crunches and chocolate sprinkles amongst many others…

We strive to be adaptable and flexible to our individual customer needs, which is why our sprinkles and cake decorations are available in a wide variety of packs sizes. Starting with MOQs as low as 100kg in bulk or should you need sprinkles for a kit, we can supply in sachet format from 8g-250g – all sacheted in-house to eliminate any third-party costs and delays.

Here at Cake Décor the possibilities at Cake Décor are endless. If you are looking for trade cake decorating supplies in bulk or sachet format, please contact us today on >

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