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Cake Decorating Supplies

Cake Decorating Supplies

Cake Décor is the UK’s largest manufacturer of cake decorations, producing extensive ranges for Plant Bakeries, Blue Chip Food Manufacturers, Artisan Bakers and Major UK Retailers. We have a huge assortment of baking supplies; from colourful sprinkles to cake toppers, writing icing tubes to chocolate sauces. We supply them all and so much more….


We can help uplift your creations with some amazingly vibrant sprinkles from our wide range! All are manufactured from our BRC AA Accredited facility here in the UK. Whether it is sugar strands, hundreds and thousands, sprinkles shapes and mixes, we make everything you could need!

Our sprinkles are available in bulk sizes, and ideal for decorating cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, ice cream, biscuits, and various other applications.

Our sprinkles medleys and mixes are also available in sachets from 8g-250g; the perfect size for including in ’decorate your own’ packs or kits.

Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pots

Another of our favourite sweet additions is our indulgent Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pots. These are perfect to add value and quality to any baking kits or gift packs/platters.

They can be used for dipping fruit, doughnuts, chocolate brownies, flapjacks, cookies and many other packaged confectioneries.

Our Chocolate Dipping Sauces come in individual, convenient sealed pots, with pot sizes from 40g, 60g & 90g.

Choose from Indulgent Milk Chocolate, Creamy White Chocolate and Premium Salted Caramel flavours.

Writing Icing Tubes

Use our all-popular Writing Icing Tubes to draw, write and add colour to doughnuts, biscuits and many other sweet treats.

We have a broad range available in primary colours including red, yellow, green, white, pink, purple, orange, blue and black.

We can also offer writing icing tubes in chocolate flavours and even glitter variations.

Here at Cake Décor the possibilities are endless! If you are looking for trade cake decorating supplies in bulk or sachet format, please contact us today on >

Only need a small amount? – we have you covered there too – simply follow the weblink below for our online subsidiary website – Sprinkles & Co to purchase now >

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