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Cake Décor Decorating Kits

At Cake Décor, we truly have everything you need to build a unique bundle for your decorating kits! We take pride ensuring to always offer an extensive range to our customers to suit a variety of needs and business types. We can supply wholesale orders through Cake Décor and smaller orders directly through the Sprinkles & Co website. Simplify your supply and get everything you need to build your kits, from us!

We offer a full range of Writing Icing Tubes that you can include in your kits. From chocolate varieties to glitter, you can tailor your kits to suit different audiences. If you would like to include sprinkles in your baking/decorating kit, we offer a speedy in-house Sprinkle Sachet Service. This gives you the freedom to select what sprinkle best suits your audience, and what size too. Our Sprinkle Sachets are available from 10g sachets up to and including 50g sachets. We are extremely flexible and can help suit the needs of your business. All our Sprinkles are made in our BRC AA accredited factory, so there’s no need to worry about quality there. Our extensive Sprinkles range is made up of 00’s & 000’s, sugar shapes, sprinkle medleys and many more.

At Cake Décor we make our very own Chocolate Dipping Sauces which are a fantastic addition to a variety of kits. Our Chocolate Dipping Sauces come in Milk, White and Salted-Caramel varieties. Whether you are looking for something to dunk strawberries into, or looking for something to drizzle over your cupcakes. Our versatile pot is perfect for different kit possibilities.

Dipping Sauces for buisness

If you would like to enquire about ordering in wholesale quantities, please get in touch with our Head of B2B and Sugarcraft Sales, Paul Parkinson on

Alternatively, if you are looking for a quick restock of your cupboards or to order in smaller quantities please visit our Sprinkles & Co website-

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