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Non-Titanium Dioxide Writing icing tubes

Have you heard about our new industry changing Non-Titanium Dioxide Writing icing tubes?

Yes, that is right – TD free! But why is this important?

From flavourings to dyes, many people are becoming more aware of what is in their food, and with Titanium Dioxide being one of the most widely used pigments, people are starting to learn a little more about this substance.

This odourless powder is used to enrich the colour white. It is commonly found in sweets, chewing gums, chocolate to give it a smooth texture and even doughnuts to provide added colour.White Non-Titanium Dioxide Writing Icings - Writing Icing Tube Supplier and manufacture

In recent years, concerns for the risks of Titanium Dioxide consumption have grown. The FDA generally recognise the use of Titanium Dioxide as safe but other organisations such as the efsa have issued warnings suggesting it should not be, due to the uncertainties of possible inflammation and neurotoxicity.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has listed Titanium Dioxide as a Group 2B carcinogen — an agent that may be unsafe but lacks sufficient animal and human research. This has caused concern for its safety in food products.

And why, we decided to put all consumers’ minds at ease by developing this amazing breakthrough product, removing the ingredient from our White Writing Icings.

Do not worry about compromising on quality – our icing still produces an excellent pure white providing a fantastic result.

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