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Cake Decorations and Gingerbread Houses!!

Picture1'Ready Made' Icing Bags


At Cake Decor we like to encourage a bit of ‘healthy competition’ between departments so we have decided to run a ‘Cake Decor Gingerbread House Competition!’

Using our ‘Ready Made’ Icing Bags, Sprinkle Decorations and any other Cake Decorations required, contestants must decorate and assemble their Gingerbread Houses by 4pm today!

All 5 departments (NPD, Technical, Purchasing, and Marketing) will present their ‘masterpiece’ by 4pm today and shall be judged tomorrow.

The best Gingerbread House and winning team will be announced on Wednesday!

All ‘Gingerbread Houses’ in the running (good or bad) will be shared with you on Wednesday! So stay tuned for our Wednesday blog to find out the winning team!

See below more information on our icing bags and cake decorations………….


Our ‘Ready Made’ Icing Bags, which are perfect for decorating biscuits or any other baking creations!

Our ‘ready made’ icing bags are particularly good for sticking biscuits together or sticking decorations to biscuits.

The icing bags are extremely versatile and easy to use!

They are available in a range of sizes (from 15g to 250g) and a variety of colours: White, black, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple & pink

For more product details click here for our icing bags product data sheet.


At Cake Decor we aim for innovation and originality which is why our ‘ready-made’ icing is available in ready to use bags!

Include these icing bags with any cake sprinkle (in our range) in sachets and you have the perfect ‘Decorate your Own’ Baking Kits or Gift Packs!

While our larger icing and sachet bags of icing and cake sprinkles are perfect for craft bakeries.

We have over 200 cake sprinkles and we supply these in bulk boxes, 500g tubs, bags and sachets.
Our sachets of cake sprinkles range from 8g sachets up to 250g.

See our full cake sprinkles range here.

And with our high-speed filling lines, we offer extremely competitive prices for all decoration types.

We have worked on numerous Baking Kits projects and ideas. We’d be very happy to share our experience and ideas with you.

Why not call us for a discussion on your concept, and our solution for your baking kits. Give us a call or contact us here to discuss a concept best to suit your needs!

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