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Cake Decorations with Chocolate Dipping Sauce!

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We’ve mentioned our ‘Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pots’ before and how much the concept has taken off and generated a lot of interest around it! Including this and how fantastic the concept is inclusive of ‘sachets’ of our cake decorations!

‘DIP’ and ‘SPRINKLE’ shall we say…………..!

To refresh your knowledge our chocolate dipping sauces are available direct from Cake Décor and currently in milk and white chocolate varieties.

It was a great success for the Valentine’s occasion as the chocolate dipping sauce pot was packaged alongside strawberries. The ‘dipping sauce’ format is perfect for other celebratory occassions and packaged formats which can also include various ranges of our cake decorations!

We would endeavour to develop the same idea with fruit, doughnuts, chocolate brownies, flapjacks, cookies and any other packaged confetionery. We also would include in this concept sachets of our cake decorations where applicable!

Or any other exciting concepts that may interest you!

We know the concept is so popular and we are happy to add or adapt to it to meet your customer needs.

Here are some of our ‘Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pot’ pack suggestions……..:

We are open to more ideas and varieties that inspire you, so let us know your thoughts…………..!

Contact us for more information or to enquire about our chocolate dipping sauce pot creations and pack options.


6 July 2015 News & Insights, Uncategorised Maddison Burford cake decoration, cake glitter, glitter sugar, sprinkle decorations