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Glitter Sugar for Gourmet Glittery Doughnuts!

Gold Glitter SugarPink Glitter Sugar


Gourmet doughnuts are big this year! From plain to chocolate covered to traditionally filled to wonderfully whacky doughnut toppings, they are all trending this year!

More particularly ‘glitter glazed doughnuts’ have made an appearance, and they just look amazing and delicious!

We have a great variety of glitter sugar which can be applied to this concept and make bright, colouful and sparkling ‘glittery glazed doughnuts‘!

Our glitter sugar range can be viewed here.

You will see we have a great range of glitter sugar colours for this season which are perfect for making glittery doughnuts for summer parties or celebrations!

Our bulk boxes of glitter sugar are available in 15kg boxes.

Here are some glitter sugar product features:

This product is also available to sachet to include in any kits or packs!


We also have a great range of other cake decorations either chocolate decorations or sugar strands/00’s & 000’s from our sprinkle decorations range! These equally would be great to follow the standard gourmet doughnuts format!

Click here and see our sprinkle decorations range!

All of our cake decorations are also avaialble in retail sized tubs (250/500g).

Click here to view our online store where all our retail tubs are available.

Dont hesitate to contact us for any further information!


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