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Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pots & Amazing Sprinkles for Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pots & Amazing Sprinkles for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day treats are always made even more delicious, thanks to our range of Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pots and Sprinkles – find out more about these products below!

Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pots

What could be better for celebrating Valentine’s Day than indulgent chocolate covered treats?

Our Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pots are the perfect addition to Valentine’s Day kits, platters and gift packs.

They can be used for dipping fruit, doughnuts, fruit, doughnuts, chocolate brownies, flapjacks, cookies and any other packaged confectionery.

Our Chocolate Dipping Sauces come in individually sealed pots, with pot sizes including 40g, 60g and 90g.

Choose from milk or white chocolate, along with a wide variety of colours and flavours.


Make Valentine’s Day treats more exciting with our wide range of sprinkles and cake decorations.

Our Sprinkles are available in bulk sizes for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and other confectionery.

Sprinkles can also be purchased in sachets ranging from 10g-250g and are ideal for including in Valentine’s themed packs or kits.


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