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Premium Inclusions & Confectionery Toppers Wholesalers

Premium Inclusions & Confectionery Toppers Wholesalers

Are you looking for bulk premium inclusions and confectionery to significantly enhance your bakes and creations, taking them to the next level… then you have come to the right place!

Here at Cake Décor, we don’t just produce sprinkles we also supply confectionery toppers and premium Inclusions as standard. Our toppers and inclusions ranges are broad from traditional style toppings to bold, vibrant toppers that will grab your customers’ attention. Perfect for any sweet treat or kit, as we can sachet them too.

Whether you are looking for fudge chunks or chocolate chips, our indulgent Inclusions can be supplied in bulk format at low workable MOQ’s. This is also the case for our confectionery selection; Mallows, Dew drops, Jelly pieces etc – whatever your need we can supply them to you in bulk or perfect size sachets for any kits.

Whatever you are looking for please contact us today to see how we can help >

Only need a small amount? – we have you covered there too – simply follow the weblink below for our online subsidiary website Sprinkles & Co to purchase now >

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