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BRC AA+ status achieved again

We are very pleased to announce that we have yet again achieved BRC AA+ status, following our very successful unannounced audit in September 2021.

Maintaining this BRC A standard over the past 12 years is an amazing achievement, with full credit going to all Technical, Production, Operations team members and management.

Our Icings and Sauces factory, our Sprinkles factory and our Cake Decorations packing depts can be rightly proud of this achievement.

Our trade customers continue to be very comfortable ordering Trade Sugarpaste, Trade Icing, Trade Sprinkles, Bulk Cake Decorations from Cake Décor. These products are all made in the UK, so no supply issues, and are all made under our BRC AA+ quality regime.

Starting in 2006, manufacturing Trade Icing tubes under BRC conditions, we have progressed into Bulk Icing Pouches, Bulk Sweet Dipping Sauce Pots, Wholesale Sugarpaste and Wholesale Sprinkles.

We supply our Retail Sprinkles to every UK supermarket, and we supply Cake Kit components to every UK plant bakery.

Our trade sprinkles sachets and wholesale writing icing tubes are in most decorate-your-own gingerbread kits, and our sweet dipping sauce pots are increasingly used by major takeaway pizza businesses.

All underscored with our fantastic trade cake decorations development team, our Technical Dept and our continued Cake Décor BRC AA+ accreditation.

BRC AA+ status achieved again

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