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UK Cake Decorations Factory!

Cake Décor are very pleased to announce today the opening of our new Cake Decorations Factory, here in Glasgow, UK.  This is another milestone in our mission to become the UK’s No 1 for all bakery and cake supplies

After months of planning, and a near £1M investment, our team have delivered a marvellous, and totally unique, manufacturing unit for 00s and 000s, sugar strands and sprinkle shapes. Our brief was to deliver fantastic cake decorations, competitively priced, using natural colours. We already supply bakery trade sprinkles, but we wanted to go one better, actually manufacturing colourful cake sprinkles, and packing them off either as bulk cake sprinkles, or cake sprinkle pots, or cake sprinkles tubs.

We have teams of NPD technologists, QA’s and engineers who have all made great strides in delivering our UK cake sprinkles manufacturing unit. We bench test all our cake decorations on cake, our ice cream decorations, ice cream sprinkles on ice cream, and we freeze thaw test all of our cake sprinkles and ice cream sprinkles

Remembering that we also manufacture Writing Icing Tubes, Frostings, Sugar Pastes, Sweet Sauces, we are the one-stop shop for anyone sourcing bakery supplies or cake decorating supplies.

Our manufactured product range of cake sprinkles is large:

Within each category, we produce a wide range of natural colours, thus:


There are a wide number of names for cake decorations. Cake Sprinkles, Sugar Cake Decorations, Jimmies, Sugar Strands, Coloured Sugar Strands, Hundreds and Thousands, Non-Pareils, Dragees, Sugar Pearls, Sugar Sprinkles, Sprinkle Shapes, Sugar Hearts, Sugar Stars. The list is endless.

We supply our bulk cake decorations throughout the UK and Europe., supplying cake decorations for bakery, and cake decorations retail for supermarkets. We have a sales team on the road, and in the office, organising our trade cake decorations and wholesale cake decorations.

Our site is BRC AA+ accredited, and we absolutely comply with the cake decorations brand standards for every UK retailer.

Cake Décor are very flexible in our approach to trade cake decorations. We offer seasonal varieties for all our products:

Easter cake decorations, Easter cake sprinkles

Valentines cake decorations, Valentines cake sprinkles

Halloween cake decorations, Halloween cake sprinkles

Christmas cake decorations, Christmas cake sprinkles


We offer trade cake decorations, wholesale cake decorations in a number of packaging formats.

Bulk cake decorations. 15kg bag in box

Tubs cake decorations. 5kg resealable tub

All of these products are offered to the trade only, as bulk cake sprinkles, trade cake sprinkles, wholesale cake sprinkles.

Foodservice is a market we are now involved in, with our resealable packs of sprinkle decorations. These packs are ideal for the caterer looking for cake and bakery supplies.

Our other market is ice cream sprinkles. This is where our sugar strands for ice cream and hundreds and thousands for ice cream really come into their own. Our resealable packs mean we can now offer ice cream sprinkles, gelato sprinkles, all offered as wholesale cake sprinkles and trade cake decorations.

We have a proud history and reputation in the UK supply of cake decorations trade and wholesale.

Our pricing is very keen, our MOQs are low, and our turnaround is fast.

As we now make all these decorations ourselves, we can pay the closest attention to quality. We believe our cake decorations to be the best cake decorations in the UK

Our team would be very happy to discuss your specific trade decorations requirements.

Please contact us:

+44 (0) 1236 781000


Once again, a quick recap:

For trade cake decorations UK, or wholesale cake decorations UK, look no further than Cake Décor. With our new state of the art manufacturing facilities, we offer the best cake decorations, quality cake decorations, and a wide range of cake decorations in the UK

12 February 2019 News & Insights Maddison Burford bulk, cake decorating, cake decorations, cakes, edible glitter, sprinkles, Sugar pearls, Sugar Strands