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Cake Lace Kit: Decorating Biscuits Ideas

There are so many ways to use the Cake Décor Cake Lace Kit and one of our favourites is to jazz up biscuits! Whether you prefer biscuits to be plain, iced or covered in sprinkles, there will be a cake lace shape to suit.


Today we wanted to share a few of our favourite biscuit decorating tips using the Cake Lace Kit.

Layered Heart Biscuits

Heart biscuits would make a great gift idea for loved ones or that someone special in your life, and they are so easy to make despite having a few layers of decoration. All you will need is the Cake Décor Cake Lace Kit, ready-to-roll icing and gold pearls.

Assorted Cake Lace Biscuits

The Cake Lace Kit includes a number of unique designs that would be perfect for adding a touch of luxury to biscuits, cupcakes or any other sweet treats, and we can’t get enough of the gold lace paired with a selection of pink icings!

Bright Lace Biscuits

Create a batch of bright lace biscuits using the kit and some ready to roll icing – just make sure to use the brightest icing you can get your hands on as it will really give your biscuits the wow factor!

The Cake Décor Cake Lace Kit is available to purchase in selected Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stores.

14 March 2016 News & Insights Maddison Burford biscuits, cake decorating, cake lace kit, sugarpaste