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Chocolate Sauces for Christmas desserts


Here at Cake Décor we are very proud to share with you our Microwaveable Chocolate Sauces – the perfect accompaniment to any dessert, and indeed a great finishing touch for desserts during the Christmas season when everything sparkles!

Our Microwaveable Chocolate Sauces are packed in individually sealed pots and are perfect for heating and pouring over desserts. Our tasty sauces are available in milk chocolate and various other flavours and colours such as this glistening gold. Add a touch of luxury to Christmas Pudding and many other festive desserts!

The pot sizes available for our Microwaveable Chocolate Sauces are 40g, 60g and 90g.

12 January 2016 News & Insights, Uncategorised Maddison Burford chocolate pouring sauce pot, christmas, desserts