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Dipping Sauce Pots

dipping sauce pots

We have recently commissioned our new Dipping Sauce Pot-Filling line.

We supply these Real Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pots to the UK plant bakery trade, confectioners, ice cream manufacturers, and fresh fruit retailers.

Our Real Chocolate Dipping Sauce pots come in 3 standard varieties: Milk, Dark and White.
All sauces are made in our BRC A+ certified manufacturing plant
Pot sizes are 40g and 60g mini-pots, and 100g-300g larger pots
Each pot is heat-sealed with an easy-tear film.

We are happy to develop recipes to your specific requirements/applications.

Typical applications are biscuit dippers, doughnut dippers, flapjack and brownie dippers, ice-cream coatings, pancake/crepe sauces, fresh-fruit dippers, Decorate-your own kits

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