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Decorating Chocolate Cake International

We have just returned after a very successful show, demonstrating Decorating Chocolate at Cake International,NEC Birmingham.

On show were our highly versatile Choco-Writers chocolate decorating tubes.

Our Choco-Writers are available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate. These tubes are so versatile. No tempering, no piping bags required. Simply drop the tube in hot water, snip the end off the nozzle, and get decorating.

Intricate lattice shapes, chocolate hearts, chocolate letters, chocolate Christmas tree shapes are all so easy with these revolutionary Choco-Writers.

These Choco-Writers are perfect for decorating on any cake or pastry. Increasingly, our customers are swirling them on fresh fruit!

These products are now being used by skilled chocolatiers and also beginners in the UK. The results are truly wonderful

Cake Décor Choco-Writers – patisserie-standard chocolate decorating, straight from a tube. No more tempering, no more piping bags. Decorating chocolate made easy

At Cake Décor, cake decorating just got easier.

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10 November 2014 Uncategorised Maddison Burford