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Cake Glitter Bulk

We are now supplying our Cake Glitters in Cake Glitter Bulk Packs

These edible, non-toxic products are now packed into our popular 500g re-sealable Trade Tubs, under the ‘Cake  Décor Professional’ brand.

We have 6 glitter sands in our range, all in 500g Trade Tubs

Cake Décor Professional-

GOLD Glitter Sand

SILVER  Glitter Sand

RED Glitter Sand

GREEN Glitter Sand

PINK Glitter Sand

BLUE Glitter Sand


Our Edible Glitter Sands are used to add sparkle to cupcake frostings, iced cakes, celebration cakes, biscuits, rice crispie clusters, and also drinks and cocktails

Cake Décor Professional Cake Glitter Bulk Packs are in stock and available immediately, with our unique 24 hour superfast delivery service.


Order a few packs today, and they will be with you in 24 hours.

The Cake Décor Professional range of 500g re-sealable tubs has been created to suit the needs of the craft baker and the one-person cake making business

27 October 2014 Uncategorised Maddison Burford