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Cake decorations in trade tubs

We now supply our cake decorations in trade tubs. These 500g re-sealable tubs are currently in stock, and immediately available across our entire range.
Simply ask for our Cake Decorations Trade

Our cake decorations are sold in bulk to plant bakeries, in retail pots to supermarkets, in sachets for “decorate your own” kits, and we are now supplying these trade tubs to craft bakeries, and specialist one-person cake businesses throughout the UK.

These cake decorations in trade tubs are provided on a very fast 24 hour service, UK-wide. This super-fast service is the perfect way to plan your Christmas cake-making.
We are always in stock of Christmas Cake Decorations, and we can be relied upon to turn your order round via this 24 hour service.

No order too small, no order too large!

Our entire range of cake decorations and sprinkles is supplied in 500g re-sealable trade tubs. 24 hour service

Simply call 01236 781000

22 October 2014 Uncategorised Maddison Burford