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Choco Writers – Patisserie standard

Everyone’s asking for our new, unique Choco Writers, recently launched.

We are now experiencing huge demand from bakeries, patisseries, sugarcrafters and home-bakers.

No more melting and tempering chocolate, no more filling piping bags, and attaching nozzles.
Simply drop our tube into a jug of hot water, and leave a few minutes. Snip the nozzle, and get decorating!

It’s so simple, and so fast, and the results are stunning.

Typical applications are : Lattice Shapes, Chocolate Letters and Words, Heart-Shapes, spinning/drizzling over cookies, drizzling over ice-cream (sets instantly!), intricate shapes using down-loadable stencils.

Place an acetate choco writers 1sheet over your stencil-shape, decorate over the stencil. Allow a couple of minutes to set, then peel-off for applying onto your cake or cupcake.

Current available varieties are:
Milk Chocolate Choco Writers
Plain Chocolate Choco Writers
White Chocolate Choco Writers

These products are a godsend for both the professional and novice cake decorator

New, coloured and flavoured varieties will be available shortly.

Order these products, for immediate delivery, from our new sugarcraft website:-

New Stockist Inquiries are very welcome!

4 August 2014 Uncategorised Maddison Burford