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Glimmer Sugar

Cake Décor Glimmer Sugars
Cake Décor manufacture a wide range of Glimmer Sugars, Glitter Sprinkles, Edible Cake Glitters and Glitter Crunch.

Our Glimmer Sugar varieties are:

Gold Glimmer Sugar

Silver Glimmer Sugar

Red Glimmer Sugar

Pink Glimmer Sugar

Green Glimmer Sugar

Yellow Glimmer Sugar

Blue Glimmer Sugar

Black Glimmer Sugar

Orange Glimmer Sugar

Purple Glimmer Sugar.

All-natural colours, best in market quality, and unbeatable prices. These coloured glimmer sugars are the perfect way to seasonalise your normal, all year year round cakes. Try Gold, Silver, Red and Green Glimmer Sugars for Christmas ideas; Orange, Black, Purple, Green Glimmer Sugars for Halloween ideas.

We can also offer bespoke flavours for our Glimmer Sugars. Lemon, Lime, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Orange,
Mint etc. Contact us to discuss your specific Glimmer Sugar flavour requirements

Our Glimmer Sugars are available in a variety of packs:

Bulk.             15kg cases

Sachets.       5g to 500g bags

Tubs:            1kg

Retail Pots:  50g to 120g

Retail 4 x compartment pots. ” 4-cell jars” . Small and Large Pots

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