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Dipping Sauce Pots supplier

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Sweet Sauces Supplier - Chocolate dipping sauces

We are the Uk's number one Sweet Sauces Supplier. Our Sweet Chocolate dipping sauces are available in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Salted Caramel variations. Each Dipping Sauce is individually sealed in pack friendly pots or pouches.

Here at Cake Décor we are the Europe's largest supplier of indulgent chocolate and Dipping Sauce Pots. Our dipping sauce pots are the ideal addition to any takeaway dessert, platter or baking kits and compliment perfectly with doughnuts, churros, fruit, biscuits, cake and many other sweet treat applications.

All our pots are available in 40g, 60g and 90g sizes. Are sweet dipping sauces are available in bulk.

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Product CodeN/A
Freeze/Thaw StableYes
Suitable for VegetariansYes
Contains GlutenNo
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