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Non-Titanium Dioxide Icing Tubes for all your bakes

Non-Titanium Dioxide Icing Tubes for all your bakes

Looking for the perfect icing tubes for your summer projects?

Cake Décor is Europe’s largest manufacturer of Writing Icing Tubes. We supply a wide selection, available in all primary natural colours, glittered variations, and chocolate options.

Being the largest supplier of writing icings, it is important to us to keep our customers happy and produce the best products around. Considering the proposed changes with E171 this year, issued by the FSA, Cake Décor are ahead of the curve in terms of our product development to accommodate this.

Our skilled and experienced NPD team have developed an excellent titanium free white writing icing. Our new and improved white writing icing tubes provides an excellent white colour without using E171.

So, with the legislative changes you can rest assured our writing icing tubes will not only work great will also meet the brand standards of your retail customers.

Looking to source quality writing icings for live and future project briefs, or simply require further information, please contact us on

Only need a small amount? – we have you covered there too – simply follow this weblink for our online subsidiary website – Sprinkles & Co to purchase now.

24 May 2023 News & Insights Maddison Burford