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Cake Décor on BBC’s “Inside the Factory”!

Cake Décor, the UK’s largest manufacturer of cake decorations, features in the next episode of “Inside the Factory”.

Describing the sprinkles manufacturing process as “a riot of colour”, presenter Cherry Healey joined the Cake Décor team in manufacturing different types of cake sprinkles. Cherry learnt about panning, shaping, colouring and coating hundreds and thousands, vermicelli strands and intricate sprinkle shapes.

The team then went off to explore how these sprinkles are packed at high speed into 60,000 pots per day.

In a fascinating programme, Cake Décor’s Innovations Director, Robert Simpson, explained how these sprinkles are used nationwide by bakers and supermarkets on cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts and more.

Watch Cake Décor on Inside the Factory on BBC2 on Wednesday 9th February at 9pm, also available on iPlayer

4 February 2022 News & Insights Maddison Burford