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New Improved Cake Décor Mirror Glaze

Cake Décor proudly announce today the launch of our new improved Mirror Glaze. Two years ago we were the first in the market with a ready to use Mirror Glaze. The product was so easy to use. Simply Heat, Stir and Pour.

Our product development team have worked and worked on this product to give it a longer lasting shine. Your cakes will have a mirror like shine as soon as the Mirror Glaze is poured over, and, importantly, this glaze is long-lasting. Your cakes will remain mirror-glazed throughout their life.

Mirror glaze is an amazing decorating finish for mousse cakes, cheesecakes, drip cakes and pastries. Mirror glaze is glossy and smooth with a sheen you can see your reflection in.

Deeply rooted in French tradition of patisserie, this simple and easy technique will give your pastries and cakes a professional polish. This high quality finish is now achievable for everyone. No decorating skill is required. Using our revolutionary new product, simply Heat, Stir, Pour.

Cake Décor Mirror Glaze really is that good, and it’s SO EASY!

We have a Chocolate Mirror Glaze and a Purple Mirror Glaze. These products come in striking 270g pots, more than enough to cover an 8” cake. Simply remove the lid, then pop into the microwave. Heat, Stir, Pour. No skill needed, no experienced needed. You will create perfect mirror glaze showstoppers each and every time.

You don’t need to go to specialist shops or store for Mirror Glaze. Cake Décor Mirror Glaze is now available in all UK supermarkets. The pots are so easy to use that we are finding new applications for Mirror Glaze weekly! All new ideas are posted to our Facebook and Instagram pages, and we are now uploading lots of SO EASY cake decorating videos to YouTube.

Whether you want a new cheesecake finish, a dripcake, or a stunning mirror glaze yuletide log, Cake Décor Mirror Glaze is your answer, time after time after time.

We’ve worked with leading UK chocolatiers to perfect our products. They turn to Cake Décor Mirror Glaze as it’s so easy to use, always delivering to the same standard every time.

We now have videos on our Facebook page showing some quick and easy application ideas for Cake Décor ready to use mirror glaze. One winning idea this Christmas is our Mirror Glaze Yule Log idea. Simply take a standard chocolate swiss roll, and a pot of Cake Décor Chocolate Mirror Glaze. Heat, Stir, Pour. Hey presto – you have a wonderful, long-lasting shine Mirror Glaze Yule Log. Too good to be true!!

Cake Décor Mirror Glaze is now available in Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and The Range.

5 December 2018 News & Insights Maddison Burford cake decor, mirror glaze