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Writing Icing Tubes To Decorate Doughnuts

National Doughnut Week is getting closer now so we wanted to share one of our favourite ways to decorate doughnuts!

Use Writing Icing Tubes to draw, write and add colour to doughnuts, cakes and other sweet treats.

With a large selection of colours available, there’s a writing icing to suit every occasion.

We have a wide range of writing icings, with colours including red, yellow, green, white, pink, purple, orange, blue and black.

If chocolate icings are more your thing, then we can also offer writing icing tubes in milk, dark and white chocolate, as well as tasty caramel.

To give cakes, cupcakes or biscuits a dazzling finishing touch, why not use our glitter writing icings – available in pink, purple, blue and white.

Our Writing Icing Tubes hold 19g of all-natural icing that is made in the UK. These are the perfect addition to your home baking kits or cake decorating for beginners kit.

26 April 2016 News & Insights Maddison Burford cake decorating, doughnut, writing icing, writing icing tubes