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Decorating Ideas Using Cake Décor Glitter Sprays

CD 5One of the biggest cake decorating trends right now is glitter and metallics, and we have just the thing if you’re looking to make your cakes and bakes dazzle!

The Cake Décor Glitter Spray is 100% edible and 100% spectacular, and is the perfect decoration for making cakes sparkle.
Today we wanted to share a few of our favourite decorating ideas using the Glitter Spray, and they really couldn’t be easier to do yourself.

Glitter Spray Cupcakes

It doesn’t take much to make your cakes and bakes stand out with glitter! These gold & silver Glitter Cupcakes are so easy to decorate and are incredibly delicious too!

Glitter Spray Cake Pops

If cake pops are more your thing then you can also decorate them with glitter for a truly dazzling finish. These Glitter Spray Cake Pops are so simple yet effective.

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Biscuits

Take a look at our simple guide on how to create these Alice in Wonderland Inspired Biscuits. Finish off with silver glitter to really give them the wow factor!

Glitter Mini Cakes

We firmly believe that there is never such a thing as too much glitter when it comes to cakes, and these golden Glitter Mini Cakes are perfect for all the glitter lovers out there.

15 April 2016 News & Insights Maddison Burford cake decorating, glitter spray