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Cake Lace Kit: Decorating Cupcakes Ideas

Instantly transform cakes and bakes with the Cake Décor Cake Lace Kit! Lace decorating is made easy thanks to our kit, and today we wanted to share a few of our favourite decorating tips using the Cake Lace Kit.

Cake Lace Butterfly Cupcakes

Using the butterfly mould that can be found on the silicone mat provided in the kit, you can instantly turn cupcakes into something beautiful.

Floral Cake Lace Cupcakes with Pearls

Give cupcakes the wow factor with a floral lace topper and gold pearls. The toppers couldn’t be easier to make with our Cake Lace Kit, and with a selection of 8 unique shapes on the silicone mat, you could make an assortment of cakes!

Cupcakes Topped with Floral Cake Lace

Pastel coloured frosting and the floral lace shapes from our Cake Lace Kit make the perfect pair this spring! A simple cake topper with sugarpaste and lace can instantly transform cupcakes and couldn’t be easier to make.

Fondant Rose Cake Lace Cupcakes

Add a touch of luxury to cupcakes with floral cake lace and fondant roses. These floral decorations are perfect for spring and summer cakes and bakes as flowers are incredibly popular at this time of year.

The Cake Décor Cake Lace Kit is available to purchase in selected Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stores.

1 March 2016 News & Insights Maddison Burford cake decorating, cake lace, cake lace kit