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Sugarpaste Shapes

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Turn your cakes and bakes into something special with our range of sugarpaste shapes.

These modern cupcake, cake and biscuit toppers are individually shaped and available in retail or bulk bakery packs. sugarpaste shapes

Our sugarpaste shapes couldn’t be easier to place on top of cakes and work well with both rolled out icing and buttercream frosting.

A new addition to our manufacturing facility means that we can now produce sugarpaste shapes in various colours and sizes.

Choose from Holly Leaves, ‘Frozen’ Snowflakes and Polka Dots to give your cakes and bakes the perfect finishing touch!

Our Holly Leaves and ‘Frozen’ Snowflakes would be great for adding to any festive bakes this Christmas season.

In addition, use multi-coloured Polka Dot shapes to create bright and colourful cakes this summer.

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