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Stunning Sprinkles Mixes and Medleys are a fantastic range of sprinkle medleys using combinations of sugar shapes, strands, pearls and hundreds & thousands. These “Stunning Sprinkles” are made in our UK factory which is BRC AA+ Quality Accredited.

Cake Décor Monster Sprinkles Mix

Cake Décor Spooky Sprinkles Mix​

Cake Décor Gingerbread Man Sprinkles Mix

Cake Décor Silver & Gold Sprinkles

Cake Décor Snowflake Mix

Cake Décor Reindeer Sprinkles Mix

Cake Décor Holly & Berry Mix

Cake Décor Gold, Candy Cane & Gingerbread Man Sprinkles

Cake Décor Holly & Berry Sprinkle Mix

Cake Décor Red, White & Green 00's & 000's

Cake Décor Gold Sprinkle Mix

Cake Décor Snowflake Mega Mix

Cake Décor Frozen Mega Mix

Cake Décor Candy Cane & Gingerbread Man Mix

Cake Décor Blue & White Sprinkle Mix

Fantastically festive decorations for cakes & bakes